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At Act Local, we understand the transformative power of video in enhancing your digital marketing efforts. As a premiere video production company based in Dubai, we take pride in delivering high-quality video content that captivates audiences and helps you achieve your goals, whether that be to reach a wider audience or generate leads and ROI.

Partner with the Best Videographers in Dubai


Our in-house production team boasts a wealth of experience in producing, storyboarding, directing, and editing, ensuring a captivating visual experience.

Art Equipment

Equipped with our own professional cameras, lighting equipment and more, we leverage the latest technology for seamless video production, delivering results that meet the highest industry standards.

Video Production

As a full-service video production company in Dubai, we have the capability to handle projects from diverse genres from the point of conceptualization to the delivery of the final product.


Our dedicated team of script writers, directors, videographers and editors collaborate to bring your vision to life. With attention to detail and careful planning, we execute our tasks with professionalism, delivering outputs within your desired timeframe.

What is Our
Video Production Process?

Pre-Production Phase

At Act Local, Pre-Production is the stage where we let our ideas shine! Throughout the process of brainstorming, planning and storyboarding, we ensure that we explore all possible avenues, obtaining inspiration from sources that inspire both us and our clients. This is the stage where we set all our plans in motion and schedule the entire production phase

Production Phase

This is the time where our videographers head out to shoot some breath-taking raw footage on location. At Act Local, we carefully manage all aspects of production, from the set design to the lighting to the coordination of actors or influencers. Our goal during production is to implement all the strategies we have planned out during pre-production but we are not shy to experiment along the way to deliver results that are aligned with your vision while pleasantly surprising you too!


After the Production Phase comes post-production. Our in-house editors use the latest editing software to produce stunning video outputs. Whether you are looking for a professional style of editing or a captivating CGI experience, our professionals can handle the toughest of challenges! We always take our clients' opinions into account when finalizing the end result. We also offer our expert opinion wherever required, ensuring that you receive a result that exceeds your expectations.

Industries We Serve


Video Production Services for Automotive Industry

Our clients in the automotive industry can greatly benefit from our video production services. By highlighting the features of your vehicles, you can promote not just your products and services but also your company! We serve car rental agencies, showrooms and car garages based in Dubai, helping them reach a wider audience and increase sales with our exceptional video production services in Dubai!


Video Production Services for F & B Industry

The F&B industry is a very competitive field. Our video production services in Dubai will help your company stand out amongst your competitors. Whether you are looking for brand videos or videos for social media, we have the best video production team in Dubai who will help you bring your wonderful products to the right audience. Promote your brand and enhance your reputation in the F & B market with us!


Video Production Services for Hospitality Industry

If you are part of the hospitality industry in Dubai, then you understand the competitive edge that having video content provides you! Our skilled videographers are experienced in shooting stunning videos for hotels and resorts in Dubai. We will help you appeal to your audience through stunning shots, enticing storytelling and precise editing.


Video Production Services for Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a crucial industry that makes real change in the lives of people, helping them improve their quality of life and giving them the assistance they need to recover from illness. Through our video production services for the healthcare and medical industry in Dubai, we help our healthcare industry clients engage and educate their audience through well-researched videos that showcase their services and commitment to excellence.


Video Production Services for Sports & Recreation Industry

If you are part of the sports and recreation industry in Dubai, you can utilize our video production services to promote your facilities and services to your audience across multiple platforms. Highlight your special features and engage your audience with thrilling videos that showcase the best that you have to offer! Whether you own an equestrian center, a gym or an outdoor sports academy, we can help you connect with potential customers and drive sales.

Video production in dubai


Video Production Services for Real Estate Industry

In today’s real estate market, customers want to visualize what a space looks like, whether it's an apartment, villa, penthouse or a rental property. Everything from tasteful staging to attractive property videos can capture the interest of potential buyers. Our video production team will help you capture stunning video content that will intrigue your clients by creatively showcasing the features and appeal of your properties and listings in Dubai. Choose us for high quality real estate photography and videography in Dubai.


Video Production Services for Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry is one that consistently attracts people from all over the world to witness the modern marvel that is Dubai. Our video production experts will help you highlight your brand’s uniqueness and help you promote sales for your tourism related services and products. We will help you stand out from the competition and grab the attention of an international audience that is interested in travel and tourism in Dubai and the UAE!


Video Production Services for E-Commerce Industry

At Act Local, our videographers and editors have the skills to craft videos for your e-commerce products that will attract potential customers and sales. Having a product video for your e-commerce products gives online shoppers an idea of what they can expect from your product which in turn gives them more confidence to make the purchase. Promote your e-commerce products in Dubai and abroad using our video production services.

Explore the
Content Formats We Offer

Social Media Content

We help our clients build a library of social media video content that showcases their brand and allows them to connect with audiences on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram.


Through Customer Testimonial Videos, we help our clients establish their reputation, build trust and sell their products and services. Testimonials allow potential clients to understand what working with your company will be like.

Brand Videos

We help our clients build their brand image through video storytelling. Our brand video production services help you capture your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression about your brand or organization.

CGI Videos

Our CGI specialists will create stunning CGI content that makes you stand out from the rest! CGI animation is a great way to capture the attention of your audience and is a popular marketing tool.

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos are the best way to showcase and promote your company, brand and products. Increase brand awareness and sales for your company by capturing the attention of your audience!

Product Videos

We create stunning product videos for social media and other platforms that help you increase sales and highlight the attributes of your products and how they can benefit your potential customers.

Website & Landing Page Videos

Through our website and landing page video production services, we create videos that help you showcase your brand, products and services while helping you boost your conversion rate!


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Act E-Commerce

Optimized site against Google

For those who want to build an e-commerce solution to get started and sell products / services directly online.

  • 1-12 subpages
  • Wireframes + Tailored design
  • Customized WordPress theme
  • Conversion optimized
  • Optimized for fast charging times
  • Three months free support for questions

Act Business

Optimized site against Google

For those who want a website that is more than just informative. Here you get a conversion-optimized and SEO-adapted website with a tailored design.

  • 1-8 subpages
  • Wireframes + Tailored design
  • Customized Wordpress theme
  • Conversion optimized
  • Optimized for fast charging times
  • Two months free support for questions

Act Web

Optimized site against Google

For those who want to get started with a simpler but really nice and user-friendly website.

  • 1-5 subpages
  • Wireframes + Tailored design
  • SEO-adapted
  • One month free support for questions
  • Tailor-made Wordpress theme adapted to Google
  • 80+ Google Pagespeed points
  • Mobile adapted