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What happens when a user searches for products, services or businesses on Google? You might have noticed the local business listings that pop up on the search results page for some of these queries. This is because Google’s algorithm is programmed to display search results based on both relevance to the search terms as well as the proximity to the user.

If your business has a physical location or offers services in a particular area, Local SEO can be a highly beneficial tool. By implementing Local SEO strategies, you will be able to achieve a higher ranking on Google search results, thereby gaining higher exposure to potential customers.


How Local SEO Can Help You Achieve Higher Visibility on Local Search Results

Dominating local search results will expose your brand or business to a wider audience that is actively looking for goods and services in their locality. By optimizing your website and google business profile for local searches, you will be able to make the most of local online traffic that has potential to translate into foot traffic to your physical store or leads for your local services.

Our local SEO experts have the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of SEO for your business. When it comes to local SEO, our strategy involves identifying local intent keywords, optimizing Google Business Profiles, creating local citations, optimizing on-page, off-page and technical SEO and publishing content based on local queries and keywords, to name a few.


What are the Benefits of Implementing Local Search Engine Optimization?

By optimizing your websites, landing pages, Google Business Profiles and local directory listings, you will be able to catch the attention of search engines and consequently, that of users too. Google considers numerous ranking factors across the web to determine which results to display for a particular query. Optimizing for all relevant on-site and off-site factors will increase your chances of showing up in a prominent spot on search results.

Here’s How Local
SEO Can Help Your Business

More Website Traffic & Phone Calls

By optimizing your website for local search results, you not only achieve higher rankings for high intent keywords, but you also gain more website traffic and phone calls from potential customers. Local SEO helps you get your name out there in the digital world as well as the real one.

Improved Credibility & Trustworthiness

When your website ranks high on search results, people perceive your content to be trustworthy and relevant, thus aiding your credibility. Local SEO strategies also aim to align with Google's own Search Quality Guidelines which place an emphasis on Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness, a concept often labeled as E-A-T.

Increased in Sales & Revenue

The goal of SEO is to improve visibility and attract targeted traffic to your site. The increase in organic traffic means that more people with high purchase intent discover your products and services. SEO also involves the creation of high quality, relevant content, optimized to encourage conversions from this high intent, targeted traffic, thereby increasing your sales and revenue.

What are the Key Strategies of Local SEO?

Why Partner with
Act Local for Your Local SEO Needs?

Choosing Act Local for your Local SEO needs means partnering with a team of seasoned local SEO experts and digital marketing professionals who are dedicated to maximizing your online visibility within your local area or city. Our Local SEO specialists in Dubai bring a wealth of industry experience to the table and stay on top of the latest developments in the realm of search engine optimization so that your business achieves its marketing goals through innovative strategies.

Expertise & Professional Insight

Our Local SEO experts in Dubai offer unparalleled insights that will guide your local SEO strategy to success. We understand the nuances of local search optimization and our professionals will demonstrate the importance of having seasoned local SEO specialists at the helm of your local SEO journey!


At Act Local, our team is dedicated to optimizing every aspect of your business information online in the most efficient manner possible. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process that requires a comprehensive and multi-pronged strategy. By ensuring efficiency in our processes, we strive to deliver optimal results and a high return on investment.

Comprehensive Strategies

Finding a reliable Local SEO agency can be challenging, but we stand out from other SEO agencies in Dubai by offering comprehensive strategies that are tailored to meet your objectives and goals. We are committed to delivering not just increased leads but actual conversions through highly optimized content and effective management of your local listings and profiles.

Our Local SEO Services

At Act Local, we provide a range of high impact local SEO services. Whether you need keyword research, SEO audits, or reputation management, our agency is equipped to enhance your success in the local market.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research involves identifying and analyzing relevant local keywords for your business. Through in-depth research, we identify the terms and phrases potential customers are using in online searches, optimizing your content to align with these keywords for improved visibility and ranking.

Local SEO Audit

Our Local SEO Audit service assesses the state of your online presence within the local market. We review various factors such as website structure, technical SEO, content, local citations, and backlinks. This thorough analysis helps identify areas for improvement, ensuring your business is well-optimized for local search.

Google Business
Profile Management

Our Google Business Profile or Google My Business management service involves ensuring that your business information is accurate, complete, and regularly updated. Managing reviews, adding engaging content, and optimizing your profile are integral ways in which we enhance your local search visibility.

e-Commerce SEO

For e-commerce businesses, we offer specialized e-commerce SEO services that help you improve your sales. We optimize product pages and descriptions, streamline the shopping experience, and implement strategies to improve search rankings and visibility, ultimately driving more sales and revenue for your e-commerce business.

On-Page and
Off-Page Optimization

Our agency optimizes both on-page and off-page elements for greater local visibility. On-page optimization involves refining your website's content, meta tags, and structure. Off-page optimization focuses on building high-quality backlinks and enhancing your website's authority online.

Local Citation Management

We manage your business citations across various online platforms such as local directories, social media sites and other relevant local sites, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of your information. This helps improve local search rankings and establishes trust with both search engines and potential customers.

SEO Content Writing

Our SEO Content Writing service involves creating high-quality, keyword-optimized content tailored to your business and local audience. This content not only improves search engine rankings but also engages your audience and encourages them to take action.

Online Reputation Management

We help you take charge of your online reputation by monitoring and responding to customer reviews, addressing negative information promptly, and building a positive brand image. Our reputation management strategies contribute to the online credibility of your brand.

Rank High on Local Search
Queries with Local SEO Optimisation

Our dedicated Local SEO optimization services are the key to achieving unparalleled success on local search results. Our strategies and methods are based on proven tactics that have transformed the local visibility of countless clients spanning across a range of industries.

Our aim is to provide robust marketing solutions for businesses that want to achieve trust, credibility and loyalty among local customers that are seeking products or services in the locality. Build local authority, a strong brand presence and positive reputation through our multi-faceted approach to local Search Engine Optimization.

Best Local SEO Agency Near Me

Looking to improve your local online presence? Act Local's dedicated Local SEO service is your answer! Our local SEO company in Dubai is committed to empowering businesses within the region through results-driven local optimization strategies. Whether you're a small local business or a larger organization, Act Local is your trusted partner for achieving success in the local online landscape.


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Act E-Commerce

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For those who want to build an e-commerce solution to get started and sell products / services directly online.

  • 1-12 subpages
  • Wireframes + Tailored design
  • Customized WordPress theme
  • Conversion optimized
  • Optimized for fast charging times
  • Three months free support for questions

Act Business

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For those who want a website that is more than just informative. Here you get a conversion-optimized and SEO-adapted website with a tailored design.

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  • Customized Wordpress theme
  • Conversion optimized
  • Optimized for fast charging times
  • Two months free support for questions

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For those who want to get started with a simpler but really nice and user-friendly website.

  • 1-5 subpages
  • Wireframes + Tailored design
  • SEO-adapted
  • One month free support for questions
  • Tailor-made Wordpress theme adapted to Google
  • 80+ Google Pagespeed points
  • Mobile adapted