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Create User-Friendly Apps and Websites with Professional UI/UX Design Services in Dubai

As a business, your greatest priority must be to provide your customers or users with the best experience possible when they interact with your site or app. When a user has a positive experience on any one of your platforms, they will be motivated to stay on your site and browse further, thereby promoting customer retention.

A responsive and well-designed website or app also fosters greater trust in your business and its services or products. A user-friendly interface creates brand loyalty and has a very real impact on your revenue. Through great UI/UX design, you can capture and sustain a user’s attention, shape their perception of your brand and provide them with an overall enjoyable experience.


Why Invest in UI/UX Services?

Investing in UI/UX is a step towards achieving better customer loyalty. There are many aspects of UI/UX design, some big and some small but each equally important, which affect the usability, accessibility and responsiveness of your platform. An experienced UI/UX designer in Dubai has the expertise to take your product through the various stages of UI/UX design starting from Research, Planning, Design and Prototyping to Testing, Launch and creating alternate iterations.

Act Local’s UI/UX services in Dubai are geared towards clients who are looking for stunning websites and apps that promote customer engagement and customer satisfaction. Our UI/UX experts in Dubai work closely with our web designers and developers to create masterpieces that combine creative visual design, good information architecture and exceptional functionality.

Our UI/UX Services

UX/UI Consulting Services

Our web development services encompass a wide range of services to help you successfully take your business online. Whether you need us to create a website or an e-commerce site, we have the expertise you are looking for.

UX/UI Design Services

Our UI/UX design services are designed to manage inconsistencies in branding, eliminate visual clutter and inefficient design choices that harm the overall user experience. We deliver results that will enable our clients to confidently launch their products and services knowing that their platforms are optimized to meet customer needs and drive maximum engagement and conversions.

Why Choose Act Local
for UI/UX Design Services?

UI/UX design is a crucial factor that can influence the success of your website or app. At Act Local, we have years of experience and success in the field of UI/UX design and have helped countless clients across numerous industries with their UI/UX needs. As a full service marketing agency, we have multi-disciplinary expertise with a team of UI/UX and Web Design experts who work together to create visually pleasing and functional websites.

Industry Expertise

The greatest benefit we have to offer our clients is our industry expertise. Our solutions are tailored for your needs and goals and always reflect industry best practices and trends. We have accumulated an impressive portfolio of successful projects and have worked with high profile clients across varied industries in the UAE.

Strategic Approach

At Act Local, we always employ a strategic approach in everything that we do and this also translates into our UI/UX design services. UI/UX design is a complicated process with various phases of implementation that can include research, planning and prototyping phases to usability testing and the creation of iterations. From step 1, we ensure that we understand your goals and requirements so that we can tailor our work to match your expectations.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is an essential part of identifying the effectiveness of our UI/UX design approach. We always test drive our products on your target audience to gauge the usability of the app or website. We look at indicators such as the number and nature of interactions made by users and take user feedback into account while judging effectiveness. Using this feedback, we further refine the product to match user expectations.

The Benefits of Good UI/UX Design

Customer Satisfaction

A well-designed website with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation will encourage users to spend more time on the site and will allow you to get your marketing message across clearly.

Brand Loyalty

Having good UI/UX design also fosters better brand credibility and loyalty. This will help you to establish a positive relationship with your customers and achieve an increase in the overall number of users.

Increased Conversions

When customers spend more time on your platform and enjoy engaging with your content, you have more opportunities to convey your marketing message in a way that encourages them to take the desired action.

Aids SEO

Good website design will aid your Search Engine Optimization by increasing user engagement. A user-friendly site that is easier to navigate will generate more shares, backlinks and increase click-through rates.


Investing in great UI/UX design services will prevent the need for major design changes down the line and will in turn save you a lot of money. UI/UX design improves functionality and creates customer satisfaction while maximizing your revenue.

Eeamless Experience

One of the main goals of UI/UX design is to enhance and create uniformity in the overall user experience across a wide variety of devices including personal computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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