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Do you also want to top the search results on Google in your particular industry and niche? In your specific location? Contact us for a free quote where we together review the market and what can be done for you and your company!

Benefits of landing sites

Why does a
landing site rank so well?

Why does a landing site rank so well?

The reason that this actually works has to do with the fact that we create an entire website that is as niche and specific as it can only be for the exact search that the person does that you want to capture. This makes Google consider the page to be super relevant for the specific search.

An example is that you work in cleaning and then engage in services such as.

With these services you are active in te.x.

What a landing page can then give you

What we then told Google with our website is that we want to rank on and are considered relevant on all these keywords, combined with the places you are active in. Which means that we "dilute" the power of your site and you becomes "a bit relevant" for many areas.

If we instead have a page called for example "www.flyttstä" where we only talk about and optimize for the service "moving cleaning" in specifically Helsingborg, we have told Google to search for someone for moving cleaning in Helsingborg, we are super relevant for that search. This in turn is what makes external landing sites work as well as they do.

The Benefits of Landing Site

What a landing page can then give you

We of course focus on branding the website with your company logo and your color codes, all to get as strong a recognition factor as possible with your existing website. We also tailor the website to the extent that it does not affect our working concept for maximum conversion. Most customers usually feel secure that we make as good a solution as possible and we still have the same goal, to drive more leads to your company.

Measurable marketing

The great thing about digital marketing and SEO is that everything is measurable, google sees everything and we also make sure to track everything. We and you will have full control of, among other things:

This through a unique concept for lead follow-up that we work with at Act Local.

Rent a finished site today, Get more customers tomorrow!

Our dear SEO experts are constantly working to proactively build even more landing sites in niche industries and locations as it takes time to rank high on Google with a brand new site. Sometimes we also get websites that become available and then you have the opportunity to rent a site that already ranks well on Google and can thus get new customers the very next day. When a site becomes vacant, we always go through our existing customer base to review the interest, before we otherwise offer them to completely new customers.

Do you also want to top the sweet results?

Do you also want to top the search results on Google in your particular industry and niche? In your specific location? Contact us for a free quote where we together review the market and what can be done for you and your company!

Visitors online to customers offline

Once we have driven the customer to your site, it is about getting the customer to do what we want the customer to do, in the example above it is about getting a phone call or a quote request. After all, you want your online visitor to become an offline customer. Landing sites that rank well but do not provide any customers or leads do not contribute any value after all. Here, our specialists in conversion optimization come into the picture.

They have for a long time tested everything from changing the color of a button to putting the phone number on the site in different places, all to find the concept that works best, to convert the most.

Focus on what works on Google

Our employees have many years of experience in SEO and work daily to rank our customers' websites higher up in the search results. Over the years, we have gone through many rivets and many updates in Google's search algorithm that are constantly updated to improve search engine results.

After these years, we have also learned what Google likes, what makes Google love our website and rank us higher on the keyword we are working towards.

Here are a number of different ranking factors that determine what makes you rank higher on Google.

Some of them are e.g.

. Page title. H1 tag. Speed ​​on your website. Mobile adapted

Yes, the list can be made very long and no one has the exact result more than Google itself.

The web developer and the SEO specialist often end up in a clinch with each other as the developer wants to do it nicely and graphically selling. While the SEO specialist wants simplicity, no heavy plugins or large images / movies to load.

Here, too, we have worked out a very well-proven concept that we know works and we have the opportunity to help you as a customer in the toughest industries, even in our dear capital Stockholm where companies are fighting for customers' attention on Google.

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