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Local SEO offers the ultimate blueprint for achieving success when it comes to improving sales for local businesses. Your Google Business Profile or Google My Business Profile is a crucial aspect of that. Think of your GBP as the first point of contact that your customers have with your business. You want them to be able to find your exact location, accurate contact details, updated business hours and so on. Thus, gaining the trust of your potential customers starts here, with your Google Business Profile. 

GBP allows you to put your business out there and compete in real time with your nearest competitors. When an individual looks up services or products that your business offers, you want to be at the top of the business listings on Google. Our results-oriented strategies and services help your business listing soar high over other listings and capture market share. 

What is Google Business Profile and How Beneficial is it for Local SEO?

Google Business Profile is a helpful tool from Google that allows business owners to manage their online presence across Google search and Google Maps. Your Google Business Profile lets people know who you are, where you are located, your contact information and your main services or products. A Google Business Profile is useful for your business even if you don’t have a website and helps you reach customers who are actively looking for local businesses. 

GBP optimization is essential for your local SEO efforts. By optimizing your business profile to rank high on Google, you will also be able to source more traffic to your business website and attract more leads. When you work with Act Local, you will have a dedicated profile manager who will oversee the optimization of your business profile by analyzing the relevant metrics, giving you month over month improvement in your rankings.

What are the Benefits of
having a Google Business Profile Listing?

An optimized Google Business Profile allows you to expand your business’s online presence and reach users who are actively searching for local results. 

Visibility on Google Local Pack Listings

When a user searches for local businesses or services, Google displays a list of relevant businesses in the locality at the top of the search engine results page. Getting your business listing to the top of the local pack search results increases the chances of a potential customer finding your business online and visiting your physical location. Having a well-optimized listing will allow your business to soar up in the rankings.

Ability to Manage Your Business Information

Users trust the information given on Google Maps and on the local pack results. With a Google Business Profile, you get full control over your primary business information such as the name of your business, the contact details, the address, the opening hours, etc. This allows you to accurately represent your business to potential customers.

Promotes Customer Interaction

The Google Business Profile listing is a space where customers can interact with your business online. They can leave reviews, ask questions, upload their own images of your business and contribute to the business information on your profile. This interaction is not one-sided as you can also respond to the reviews and answer your customer’s questions, allowing you to build a public line of communication with your clients.

Why Trust Act Local with the Management of Your Google Business Profile?

At Act Local, we have developed the perfect template for assessing and optimizing GBP listings, thanks to our several years of experience managing Google Business Profiles for a wide range of businesses, including clients from the F&B sector, the healthcare industry, Real Estate, Tourism, e-commerce and others. We are the ones you should contact when you need GMB management services for both single business listings and multi-location listings. Here are some factors that make us stand out from the competition:


When it comes to something as crucial as managing your business information on your business profile on Google, you want to have the best GMB experts by your side. Our seasoned experts know all the ins and outs of GMB Management, from optimization to profile reinstatement. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of best practices, we are able to provide Google-approved strategies and solutions to help you rank your business listing.

Professional Team

Working with Act Local means you will get to work with some of the best brains in the industry. Our team is hand-picked for their wide-ranging knowledge on Google’s Policies and Products. Your profile will not only get the undivided attention of our experts, but you’ll also get our insight on how best you can utilize your GMB profile for the growth of your company.

Client-Centered Approach

At Act Local, we are proud of the fact that we know how to put our clients first. With every project we take on, we ensure that we have full transparency when it comes to client communications. Every update and action taken on your profile will be done after careful assessment of the benefits. If you are looking for a GMB services agency in Dubai that is willing to partner with you and help you grow organically, we are your best choice.

Discover Our
Google Business Profile Services

Google Business Profile Creation

Google Business Profile Creation is a service aimed at new businesses or existing businesses that don’t have a publicly-visible GMB profile. We handle all the steps of creating your GBP profile, from the minor details to the major ones, with minimal effort from your side. Once we have successfully created your profile, we always ensure that we hand over complete access to you.

Google Business Profile Claiming

If you notice that your business already has a profile on Google Maps but can’t get access to it for any reason, we are here to help you. Don’t fall into the scams manufactured by those who want to exploit your business listing and your resources. We can help you claim and gain primary access to your business profile by directly communicating with Google Support.

Google Business Profile Verification

Verifying your Google Business Profile is essential if you want to make your profile publicly visible on Google Search and Google Maps. We can help you verify your profile whether it's through phone call or text, email, video recording or a live video call with the Google Support Team. We will ensure that your profile is verified and ready to capture the attention of potential customers on Search and Maps!

Google Business Profile Optimization

A highly optimized Google Business Profile is more likely to attract the attention of online users as well as Google's algorithm. GBP allows you to upload relevant, up-to-date information including images and videos, FAQs and more to showcase your business information to online users. A well-optimized profile is not only more visually appealing but also builds better trust with your potential customers.

Google Business Profile Reinstatement

We often have customers come to us with suspended business profiles and ask for reinstatement assistance for both Hard and Soft suspensions. A hard suspension affects your profile's visibility across Google and a soft suspension generally means you lose access to manage your profile through GMB. Both of these cases can be resolved by our expert team of Google My Business Specialists in Dubai.

Google Business Profile Management

Our Google Business Profile Management services are useful for maintaining your rankings on Google Maps. Our services include both management tasks like posting regular updates and offers, adding new products or services, responding to reviews, uploading images and videos, etc. and performance analysis tasks such as generating monthly reports, profile and ranking monitoring and ongoing competitor analysis.

Multi-Location Google Business Profile Management

At Act Local, we also manage Google Business Profiles for multi-location businesses. If your business has multiple branches in different locations and you require management services for all the profiles to ensure brand consistency, accuracy of information and top-notch profile management services, we can offer our assistance.

Rank High on Google Maps in Dubai with Act Local

Google Maps drives a large percentage of the local traffic online. By helping your business achieve top spots on Google Maps and Google Search listings, we ensure that your business is visible to potential local customers, the ones who are most likely to make a visit or a purchase from you. 

Choosing the right Google Business Profile management professionals will allow you to make your business stand out from the competition in a crowded market. If your GMB profile is your gateway to success, we have the key to unlock its potential and help you achieve domination over the local competition!

Best Google Business Profile Management Services Near Me

Interested in our Google Business Profile Management Services? Connect with us today to start optimizing your business profiles and bring new customers to your online shop front.

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