The challenge

Yogapalatset & Mayakliniken in Bromma is a cozy yoga studio in Bromma. The challenge was based on unowned information that was published across most online platforms. As these platforms published information about the Yoga Palace without their knowledge, it became even more difficult to manually control the information that customers encountered. Opening hours, contact information and visual material were lacking as well as description and the opportunity to book classes. Since Yoga Palace is not alone in offering yoga in Bromma, it became easy for potential customers to choose those who showed correct information and could be contacted directly from Google. Not controlling your information yourself means that third party users on Google and other platforms can control what information is visible about your business.


The Yoga Palace began its collaboration with Act Local in May 2018, the first step was to collect all the profiles that were published in the Yoga Palace's name. These profiles were linked to Act Local's platform and have since been managed solely by the Yoga Palace itself. Since its inception, Act Local has shut down three attempts to publish information that has not been approved by the Yoga Palace's owners. Since May 2018, the Yoga Palace has increased its monthly traffic by between 100-200%. Yoga Palace is ranked number one in the local search results, which is the first to appear for all searches for Yoga in Bromma. This is because their names are now visible in 250 different places online, their contact information and information is correct and consistent on 30 company profiles. Management of their profiles is done about 5-10 minutes per month to ensure that opening hours, reviews and posts are published and answered correctly.

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Not Act + Customer

Now imagine instead that you ask the same 20 people if they know of another company. 12 respond that they have never heard of the company. 4 people say that the company is located on Storgatan 13. 2 people say that they are located on Sveavägen 81 and the last 2 people give two different telephone numbers. Did you feel convinced that the information was correct? Probably not.

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